Are you stuck in your brick and mortar with little to no room to reach more clients, change more lives and create the financial freedom you deserve?


At the Mojo Business Academy Master Class we are committed to helping you reach more people and change more lives by creating winning strategies that will catapult your wellness business to the next level!

The MBA Master Class will guide you to create your Wellness Brand Legacy, master your Client Success Program (™) and teach you the art of sales.

Our goal is to help you change the landscape of the health and wellness industry and transform over One Million lives around the world by 2025.

– Get individual coaching and group involvement all in one program.

– Monthly Webinar style training in the convenience and comfort of your home or office.

– Monthly Q&As

Topics include:

-Your WINNING Mindset – How to attract success and financial freedom

-Your Messaging – Discover your ideal client!

-Your Manifesto – What is your mission?

-Your Mantra- How to strategize and build profits with 5 simple words

-Your Mojo Business – Create your signature brand and lead magnet

-Digital Marketing 101- WTH is it anyway?

-Social Media Marketing – How to’s and simple steps

-Legal Mumbo Jumbo! – Tools to keep yourself out of hot water online

-Tools to support your clients, AND MUCH, MUCH, MORE.