Running a successful wellness business begins with facing your own demons. You overcame physical, spiritual and mental obstacles to get yourself here. Now, you’re just waiting for your big breakthrough. And waiting.

Your wellness business doesn’t have to be failing for you to feel like a failure. When “doing okay,” is getting you by, but it’s not getting you there… you need to find your breakthrough. Your breakthrough is the factor that is going to take you from stagnant to stellar, and it’s probably simpler than you think. You just need to push past your biggest obstacle: your scared, stubborn self.

There are two bullies that keep many of my clients from achieving their success. One of those is “fear,” and the other is “resistance.” Fear of the unknown, and resistance to change and opportunity will cripple your business. To get your wellness business to where it needs to be, you’ve got to put those bullies on their backs.

Are you afraid of the dark?

You’re a smart person, so you know I’m not talking about fear the way a five year old would. This is not fear of the dark, or of that creepy crawly that vanished behind your fridge last night. I’m talking about fear of the unknown, fear of “what-ifs.”

If you’re afraid of failing, you’re not alone. The fear of failure is very real, but it is devastating. It keeps far too many people (who are capable, driven and brilliant – like you) from doing what they know they need to do. It keeps you in your comfort zone and holds you prisoner.

Excuse to Let Loose

One of the biggest complaints I get from new clients is that they “just don’t know how to [insert successful business tactic here].” They’re out of ideas, because they think they’ve tried everything… except that one thing they think they can’t do.

And instead of results, they give excuses. Each one of the excuses I’ve heard, and any one you could possibly give me, is based on fear. When you let go of your fear, you can say goodbye to your excuses, and make room for the next chapter of growing your wellness business into a huge success.


Resistance is Futile

Giving in to your excuses creates resistance to your success. If you say “no” to a new opportunity, you often have to justify it (even if just to yourself). The energy it takes to talk yourself out of something is active resistance – and it’s really stupid.

If you think this doesn’t apply to you, take a second to reflect. Have you ever said “no” to an offer to help drive your business? Did you say “no” because it was unfamiliar, or because it wasn’t your idea? Remember, it’s okay to accept help, and to grow on the suggestions of others.

Get Over it and Grow

So here’s my challenge to you. This week, face your fear. Do something that scares you a little. Whether it’s posting a video blog for the world to see, or cold calling that could-be-client you’re dying to work with.

Push past your resistance. The next time you think you want to ask yourself “what if..?” ask “why not?” instead. The power you find on the other side of your fear and resistance will give you the freedom to grow your wellness business without hesitation, no matter what it takes.

If you’re ready to take the next step, schedule a free 30-minute strategy session today to see how your freedom and fearlessness will make your wellness business soar. Every voice that’s ever told you “you can’t” or “you shouldn’t” will quiet the moment you decide that YOU CAN and YOU WILL!