Seven Steps that Create a WINNING Lead Magnet

You’ve dedicated your life and your work to helping people live healthier, happier lives. You’re a real-life superhero! So WHY are you spending so much time convincing people to let you help them? You have so much to offer, and what you’re doing really works, but nobody is buying it - literally. It’s time to create a winning lead [...]

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Why You Need a Blog… and a Great One

The art of blogging is no longer new wave or revolutionary. It seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry out there has a blog, and you may have become weary of the watered down content the blogosphere has to offer. But if you filter out the noise, you’ll find a community of smart and engaged users. So listen up, because [...]

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Your Business is Your Next Client

As a wellness professional, the very base of your business is personal transformation. Every day, your work is focused around helping others become the best version of themselves. You know what it takes to help someone transform their life, and you’re good at it. It’s time for you to use that superpower of yours to reshape your wellness business. Transforming [...]

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Why Your Competition is Not the Enemy

Business owners get very wrapped up in besting their competition. They become so focused on being top dog in their industry, they sometimes forget who the real enemy is. While you do want to top your competition, your ultimate goal is to serve your clients. This, friend, is why you should look to your competition as inspiration, not as an [...]

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Pushing Past Fear and Resistance

Running a successful wellness business begins with facing your own demons. You overcame physical, spiritual and mental obstacles to get yourself here. Now, you’re just waiting for your big breakthrough. And waiting. Your wellness business doesn’t have to be failing for you to feel like a failure. When “doing okay,” is getting you by, but it’s not getting you there… [...]

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Revive and Heal Your Wellness Business

Creating a successful wellness business doesn’t happen overnight - but you already know that. When you’re trying to make your wellness business thrive, there are so many places you can start, and even more ways to get stuck. It’s easy to go off-course, chasing shiny objects and pursuing avenues that seem promising, but lead you to dead ends. If you’re [...]

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