Business owners get very wrapped up in besting their competition. They become so focused on being top dog in their industry, they sometimes forget who the real enemy is. While you do want to top your competition, your ultimate goal is to serve your clients. This, friend, is why you should look to your competition as inspiration, not as an enemy.


What goes around comes around

Our industry has an undeniable sense of community, one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. As healers, we are always ready to help someone else be their best self. And this shouldn’t change, just because someone works alongside you.

Some of the most successful wellness business owners I know draw on their competition for help and advice, and treat them as colleagues. They offer advice as often as they receive it, building others up rather than tearing them down.


Listen to Teacher

As expert as you may be in your field, there is always more to learn. And your competitors can be great teachers in unexpected ways.

Your competition can help you better navigate your business and your industry. Seeing the way they maneuver through challenges within your industry can help you learn how to handle these obstacles. You may even learn a few new tricks along the way.

Watching the way your competitor communicates with their clients may give you some helpful insight as well. Paying attention to this will help you understand more about communicating with your target audience, and even broaden your knowledge on who that may be.


Set Yourself Apart

The best way to draw inspiration from your competition is not to compare your likenesses, but to realize your differences. Standing out from your competition is the number one way to get ahead, and getting to know them will help you find your unicorn.

While your competitor’s strengths may be awe-inspiring, look also at their weakness (not so you can use them against them, you evil genius). Pinpointing their professional weaknesses will reveal a gap that needs to be filled, and you could be the person the fill it.

Everyone in your industry does the same thing, more or less (all healers heal, all photographers take photos), but it’s up to you to figure out what distinct qualities you have that set you apart. This is what is going to attract clients to you, and the factor that is going to make your wellness business stand out.


Friendly Rivalry at its Finest

A little bit of neighborly competition is healthy in so many areas of life. So, keep your relationship with your competitors friendly. Don’t feel threatened by them, or bring them down. After all, your success isn’t built on someone else’s failure, it’s built on how awesome YOU are!

So, let your competition inspire you. Accept their challenge as an opportunity to learn something new about yourself or your business. Be helpful, be kind, and you will get that in return.

The transformation of your wellness business into a success doesn’t have to suck. It will be hard at times, but it’s not impossible. My Master Class was designed to be the support that will fill in these blanks for you. We’ll talk about what you should be feeding your business, how to exercise it, and how to maintain your success. Let’s turn the missing pieces of your business into fuel that will power it to be better.