The art of blogging is no longer new wave or revolutionary. It seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry out there has a blog, and you may have become weary of the watered down content the blogosphere has to offer. But if you filter out the noise, you’ll find a community of smart and engaged users. So listen up, because you need to know why blogging is so important to the life of your wellness business.


Are You There?

Whether you’re a seasoned vet, or you’ve never written a word of digital content in your life, you’ve got to do this. A solid, consistent blog is the best way to keep your clients engaged in your business – and to remind them that you are.

Having a knockout website is a good start, but can only carry you for so long; days to weeks, to be specific. Static silence from your site indicates to readers that you are not present in your business, that you’re not paying attention to what they need.

Regular posting reminds your audience that you’re a real person, in real time, who is dedicated to their immediate needs. Your users have no way of knowing that you are right here, right now, unless you tell them. Your blog makes you real.

If you’re not putting out new material on the regular, your existing clients will get bored, and the new followers you manage to bring in won’t stick around long. Updating your blog on a weekly basis will let you address current issues many of your clients may be experiencing, in the moment. This will be a timesaver for you in the long run.


Your Go-To Resource

The time and energy you save yourself by keeping a regular blog is astonishing. A blog can serve as your own personal library of reference. It gives you a safe and functional place to record all of your successes (like delicious, healthy recipes), and remind yourself of things that may not have worked so well. It gives you a home base.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re repeating yourself ad-nauseum to your clients, this is where you can leave that conversation. Direct your clients to a helpful blog article when they have a question that will be answered there. Redirecting to your blog gives you the opportunity to get more out of your conversations, by saving nitty gritty details for later. When you do this, you’ll be likely to gain a new, regular reader because they know your posts aren’t full of fluff.

Readers come back when they know your posts are relevant, interesting, and truly helpful. Give that gift to your clients, and they’ll return (and then some).


Talk About, Talk About…

My favorite thing about an outstanding blog is that it encourages conversation. A thought provoking blog will lead users to ask questions, share it with their friends, and reach out to know more. If you’re encouraging learning or deeper thought, you’ll encourage conversation. Engaging current and potential clients in conversation is the best way to make your voice heard.

If your users know that you’ll be back next week, or that you’re great at answering their questions, they’ll speak up. Many readers enjoy taking part in further discussion in a blog’s “Comments” section, so don’t be afraid to leave that open.


A Better Blog for Better Business

Establishing yourself as a present and credible expert online isn’t easy. But it’s more than doable if you have the credentials (you do), and you find a way to make your presence seen and heard. A good blog is food and fuel to your growing business, and the more you exercise your blogging muscles, the better you’ll get at it.

So, don’t brush it off, and brush up instead.  If you don’t know where to start, or you need some redirection, join me in my Master Class. You’ll get the lowdown from real pros, who can show you how to get it done and make your blog work for you and take your business to the next level.