You’ve dedicated your life and your work to helping people live healthier, happier lives. You’re a real-life superhero! So WHY are you spending so much time convincing people to let you help them? You have so much to offer, and what you’re doing really works, but nobody is buying it – literally. It’s time to create a winning lead magnet that is going to generate actual conversions, so you can focus on doing what you do best – solving your clients problems.

Why You Need a Rock Solid Lead Magnet

Before I go into the details of this formula, let’s talk about what a lead magnet really is. A lead magnet is an incentive you offer to potential clients, in exchange for their email address or other personal information that allows you to contact them later. Usually, a lead magnet is a digitally downloadable material – an ebook, pdf, video tutorial – you get the point. The idea is that these potential clients have to hand over their email address to get it.

Now, let’s get one thing clear. Nobody is going to give up their email address or personal information for just because. It’s human nature to want to feel like we are getting as much as (if not more than) we give, and this concept absolutely applies to information exchange. Your potential clients need to think “THIS is it. HERE is something that will finally help me [fill in the blank]. Give it to me.”

And you get one chance to deliver. Here’s how you’re going to do it.

1 Solve their problem

You already know who your ideal client is, so you know what their problems are. This is your chance to tell that person how you are going to help them. You can give away a solution without revealing the process. Give them what they want (three foods that will help clear their complexion), so you can sell them what they need (a long term program with lasting results).

2 Create a Positive Moment

This exchange should feel like a winning experience for your client. Sure, they gave you their email address, but their reward (your lead magnet) is an exciting prize. You want your lead magnet to benefit your client immediately, and bring something positive to their life. They should feel like their life – or at least their day – is better for your contribution. This will leave them wanting more, and excited for the wealth of knowledge you have to share.  

3 Be SUPER on Point

You need to be deliberate about your message, and the content of your lead magnet. The more specific you are about what’s inside, the more ideal clients you are going to attract. If the message of your lead magnet is too broad, or you’re trying to appeal to the masses, this is going to fail. You’ll end up with a mailing list full of people who don’t truly want what you’re offering, and will probably hit that “unsubscribe” link. Ouch. So, be honest and transparent about what’s in that download.

4 Make it Easy to Process

Don’t waste your client’s time – they’ve likely had enough of that already. Your lead magnet should be something that’s readily processed in a single sitting, and easy to navigate. Checklists are my personal favorite format for lead magnets. A first time reader can easily skim the bullet points, determine that this is valuable stuff, and they’ll dive in. Use simple language, a simple layout, and be direct with your message. Here, less really is more.

5 Provide Value

You don’t want to reveal all of your tricks and secrets right away, but you’ll have to give something up here. After all, this person has already given you something very personal: their email address and their time. Your client should feel like this first interaction, your exchange of information, was an even trade. Providing value right away shows your client that you’re not just blowing smoke up their.. inbox. You mean business, and you’re really here to help them.

6 Give Instant Access

Your lead magnet should be delivered to your client the minute they give the go-ahead. We’re living in the age of Amazon Prime and Netflix, and people are pretty used to the instant gratification the internet provides. Make sure your download is delivered to their inbox or screen tout de suite, starting your relationship quickly and on a satisfying note. Make someone wait, and they probably won’t be interested tomorrow.

7 Show Them Who YOU Are

Your expertise and the uniqueness of your value proposition should shine through your lead magnet like the sun. When a new client is digesting your lead magnet, you have their full attention, if only for a moment. People enjoy transparency, and it’s often easy to spot a phony by reading between the lines. Don’t just tell your client what you think they want to hear, because you think they’ll bite. Get real. You know what they need, and you know you can provide it. Be confident, know your value and own it. Again, this is where being deliberate and specific will pay off. Your clients will appreciate your transparency, and respect you for being unapologetically YOU. Building a trusting relationship through this kind of honesty is invaluable.

Now, Hop to It

These fundamentals will not only attract your best clients, but they’ll turn email addresses into real working relationships. I don’t want you to waste any more time creating or promoting lead magnets that aren’t working. Take the time to incorporate all of these ingredients into your lead magnet, and the results will speak for themselves.

If you’re still feeling stuck, don’t ever hesitate to reach out for my help. Two heads are better than one, and a fresh perspective may be all you need to create a winning asset. Book your FREE Business Breakthrough coaching call today, and together we’ll create a lead magnet that will transform your business into a thriving success.